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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Gold in 2012 and Beyond

Investing can be a tricky thing. You don’t know what is going to go up or down, and there is often so much risk involved that many people are too scared to put even a single dollar down. With that being said, you might want to consider investing in gold in 2012 and beyond. Gold has proven to be one of the most stable investment vehicles, and precious metals have many benefits over paper-based investments. These are the top five reasons why you should invest in gold.

1) Gold is Limited

One of the best reasons to invest in gold is because it is limited, and because it is used by so many industries. This isn’t like paper-based investments where new stocks can be printed. Gold will run out, and this is great for those who have held onto this metal. As the supply of gold diminishes, the value will dramatically increase. This ensures that your investments will continue to increase.

2) Gold Has Steady Increases

Many investments have their ups and downs. An investment that was good today might go sour tomorrow. However, gold has been consistently rising throughout the years. Actually, the last 10 consecutive years saw net increases in gold’s value. It doesn’t matter if the world in thriving or in a state of recession; gold has consistently become more valuable. There are few investment vehicles that can boast this level of stability.

You can refer to any real-time gold pricing chart online to see the huge increase in the price of gold over the last 10 years.

3) Gold Gives You International Options

Most stocks and investment vehicles are only valuable in their own country. For example, it would be very difficult to get money for your American bond in another country because the bond is worthless there. However, gold is a type of currency that every country values. This gives you international options that you don’t get with any other type of investment vehicle. You may even be able to get more money for your gold if you cash it in with another country.

4) Gold Offers Varied Investments

Gold comes in several different types. This includes coins, bars, stocks and bullion. Each one has its own pros and cons, but you can play to the benefits of each if you understand how to use them. For example, gold stocks are typically easier to trade, and they are easier to track. This allows you to take advantage of gold’s value, while enjoying the additional benefits of different investments and options.

It’s becoming more important these days to have your retirement investments be backed by precious metals instead of just paper. Many people are doing a gold IRA rollover or gold 401k rollover, and moving their retirement investment dollars over to a more secure option.

5) Gold Has Many Uses

Some investment vehicles come out of favor because they are no longer used anymore, or the industry that one is investing in might collapse. For example, a thriving niche now might die in the next few years. However, gold will always be used and adored. It will always be used for jewelry, and chances are that it will always be used for certain wires and computer parts. This ensures that your investment won’t collapse.


Gold truly is one of the best things you can invest in for 2012 and beyond. Its value has consistently increased in the last 10 years, it has a limited supply and there are so many uses that gold will always be in favor. You need a varied portfolio, so consider using some of your money to invest in gold.

Tips for Post-Recession Investing

The period after recession is always uncertain. Investors are wary of post recession investing. Nobody fully understands if the recession has passed off. Even if it has, the effects of recession linger on for a long time.

Many people who have survived the recession have highly diversified investments. These investors will continue to pursue this path. A highly diversified investment plan will always hold steady in any economic situation.

The most common question asked by investors after a recession is “Where to invest?” Answering this question is not easy. There are a lot of options available. But the secret to successful post recession investing is to play it safe.

Investing in precious metals

Gold, silver, and platinum never lose their position as good investment choices. During recession, the demand for these metals is at an all-time low. Post recession, the demand may pick up. So this is a time to start investing in them.

Silver is a highly sought metal in many industries. There are multiple industrial applications of silver. You can expect steady demand for silver from various types of industries.

Platinum is heavily consumed by the automobile sector. There is always demand for this metal from this industry and allied sectors. Lately, the demand for platinum has shot up. So you can imagine how much money investors in this precious metal would have made.


When the economy is not doing well, the need for timber recedes. When the economy picks up, the demand for timber picks up. You need to seize this opportunity and invest in timber commodities.

This type of fixed-income investment takes time to provide you profits. You have to be patient. There are multiple ways to invest in timber. You may purchase a timber land. Additionally, there are the timber investment management organizations that need investors in timber.

You are free to invest in timber across geographies. For example, New Zealand and Panama have good timber reserves and it is a good idea to invest in timber in these countries.

Foreign exchange

When a particular currency’s value recedes, it is an indication of economic slowdown. But post recession investing is about investing and showing promise in a currency that promises to bounce back.

Post recession, the value of a currency struggles to increase. This is a good time to purchase sizable blocks of currency. Later, when the value of the currency picks up, you sell it and realize profits.

The Euro and several Asian currencies have shown stability during recession. So they are good options for post recession investing in currencies.

Real estate

During recession and post recession, real estate is a good avenue to invest in. The period just after recession is the ideal time to invest in real estate. If you delay your investing, the value of properties could appreciate. And you would rue the fact that you missed out on an opportunity.

Investing after recession is risky. But it also has high rates of success. If you can mix caution with optimism, your post recession investing endeavors will yield rich dividends.

Best Investing For Beginners!

The world of investing can come down heavily on you if you don’t have a clear idea of what you are doing there. At one moment your investment might be touching the sky and in the next, you might be thrown back down to earth.

Hence, learning the basics of the best investing for beginners can lead you to maximizing your gains, as well as minimizing the possibilities of losses in the investment market. Irrespective of your area of interest in the domain of investments ranging from commodities, FOREX, stocks or real estate, the basic bottom line remains the same.

Significant knowledge of the right fundamentals can help you earn enormous profits without falling into the gulf of tormenting losses.

There are different investment sectors available today and each experiences a boom at one point of time. Hence, it is extremely important to opt for a sector when it is trending in its most favorable phase, in accordance with your trading style. When the oil market or gold trade is striking the chords in the global market, it is time to divert your attention to the domain of commodity trading. So, if you are a beginner and finding it difficult to survive in the cut-throat world of investments, read below to discover some of the best investing for beginner’s fundamentals.

• Get your facts right:

Investment can indeed be a very complex trading experience. Hence, it is extremely important to get all your facts right before actually investing in a particular trade or firm. Clear all your doubts and uncertainties. For example, lack of information can make you land in a situation where you buy a stock on Wednesday and everybody else in the market dumps their entire stock portfolio on Thursday. Therefore, carefully analyze the company’s details and past performances before actually opting to invest in it.

• Follow investment plan:

Follow your set investment plan and don’t get lured by the short-term trends. These trends (advertised by short-term traders) may seem beneficial in the short run; but end up harming you and your investment capabilities tremendously in the long run. Following a solid and intact investment plan is the only way to protect you from any unprecedented.

• Be active:

The most important fact about investing is to take risks but do it smartly. You might end up ringing the bell at a wrong time once or twice, but the third time you’ll surely land in place. With time and practice, it will become more intuitive and success will come your way.

To sum things up, the basic aim of investing is to make a profit. Master the basics of investing for beginners and explore the world of investments with confidence!

Invest in Gold to Secure Your Future, Roll Over Your 401(K) or IRA

Who should Invest? Who has enough money? lol!

Anyone can invest. You might be 18 or older looking to secure your future. You may have a 401(k) that you are not happy with. Maybe it is an IRA you are looking to roll over into another type of investment. No matter the age or situation you should find a way to make an investment that will give you real pay back in the desired time frame. We have found that precious metals is the only way to expect an actual pay back in almost any time frame. You may have just got a settlement, a good tax income check, or even some type of beneficiary benefits. Don’t be fooled by the big investment companies that want your money so they can benefit. With inflation on the rise most investments will not hold real value.

What is the Best Investment? Gold and precious metals.

What you should invest in is precious metals. Precious metals is the only item that has held value world-wide. Precious metals is the only item that has continued to grow in value world-wide. It is the only item in the world that every country needs, wants, and is currency based. Right now gold is the best choice for precious metals. Every country in the world is in demand for gold. Current Gold price is at a very affordable rate. However with the debt world-wide and crisis effecting the world trade. The value of gold will soon rise. A lot of countries are buying gold as we read. Some believe this is a way for foreign countries to America, to weaken the American dollar.

Why Invest They Say, Can You Afford That?

Why making any type of investment is a good idea. When most people get a large amount of money they spend it on materialistic items. That kind of stuff does not last for ever and there is hardly ever any pay back on this type of investment. To make an investment that would help you when your in a time of need is the smart choice. The smart choice also depends on what type of investment your making. If your investing to secure your future or even looking for a short-term investment the #1 pay back would be precious metals. Gold would be my #1 choice. However some believe silver will have an astonishing rise. Silver has so much more room for growth in the next 5 years it would be silly not to consider making this a choice investment. Gold on the other hand is so popular it will always be the lead determining factor on silver prices.

Everyone’s asking When To Invest?

When should you invest? Now is the time to get in. If you are thinking about making an investment or just came across a lot of money and wondered what you should do with it. Now is the time to make the right choice. From a fellow investor and a learner of my own mistakes. Gold is the way to go. Any precious metals that could be excepted in an IRA would be a great choice. There is so much opportunity when it comes to investing in precious metals. The next thing to consider is this. At Regal they offer a buy back a price that is un heard of. So you know your always going to profit. Making the right investment, now is the time to take action, for later never comes. When you lock into a CD account you can not get your money when you need it. Without being penalized. Imagine you made a $10,000 investment in an IRA or 401(k) but you could not touch it for 2 years. This investment may only have a 2-4% rise. Also a possibility of 10-100% or even more return on investment depending on the precious metal market. Where would you rather be?

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